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was incorporated in June 1978 with its core businesses primarily as stockist of stainless steel & mild steel materials and an importer. It has since then enlarged its product range through active sourcing and building up of strong relationships with the steel producers worldwide. Today TATT GIAP HARDWARE SDN. BHD. Has established its position as one of the market leader in Stainless Steel Materials.

Business Strategies And Mission Statement

TATT GIAP aims to be best organization in the stainless steel industry in Malaysia by:

• Continuous improvement in its production, processing, distribution and delivery systems.

• Committed towards customer's satisfaction, by providing a high quality products at competitive pricing with overall superior features in partnership with selected vendors and customers.

• Creating a safe and healthy work environment which recognizes and rewards the commitment of all employees to meets customer's satisfaction.


TATT GIAP objectives has been streamlined as follows:

• To improve overall performance of Tatt Giap Group of Companies.

• To excel in anticipating and responding promptly to customer's need.

• To upgrade its capability and quality by upgrading to new technology, machinery and adequate training to the human resource.



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